NST is a hybrid remedial therapy combining Bowen Therapy & Sacral Occipital Techniques

Bowen Therapy style treatments involve gentle rolls over specific locations on the muscles, this is sending sensory information to the brain about tension and posture and initiates self-regulation within the musculoskeletal system, this postural reboot often results in a reduction of pain, tension or any issue caused by the imbalance.

Clients often also benefit from the relaxation felt and a reduction in stress and even anxiety.

Treatments are performed over your comfortable clothing and is less contact than massage, which is appreciated by those who prefer less "hands on" treatments or have conditions such as diabetes neuropathy, varicose veins, allergies or skin conditions which are contra-indicated to massage, or for those who just prefer a gentler form of body work.

Be aware that during a treatment there are therapeutic pauses in which the therapist will leave the room for a few minutes, this is essential to give the body "space" to relax and assimilate the information provided by the NST move.

2 - 5 treatments a week apart may be all you need for the required results, or you may choose to get treatments on a regular basis, just do what works for you.

Conditions that respond well to NST are, but not limited to:

  • Back pain, neck pain and all spinal conditions

  • Leg, knee, ankle and foot conditions

  • Shoulders, elbow, wrist and hand conditions

  • Headaches including migraines

  • Cranial conditions including whiplash & TMJD (jaw)

  • Arthritis and joint conditions

  • Accident and sporting injuries

  • Digestive and intestinal conditions

  • Asthma and respiratory conditions

  • Menstrual, fertility and menopausal conditions

  • Pre and post-natal conditions

  • Acute and chronic fatigue

  • Stress conditions and emotional depression.

You can still get a treatment if there is nothing to treat, a full body balance every now and then will keep you feeling aligned and energised. Prevention is better than cure.

I look forward to meeting you and helping you along your self-care journey. If you have any questions don’t hesitate to ask.

$80  45-60 min

Please read - AFTER CARE INSTRUCTIONS pdf.......


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