60 min - $110  

We all know how great heat &/or cold feels on sore, tight or injured muscles, so it just makes sense to incorporate them into a Massage treatment, Hot & Cold stones are so much more than relaxation tools, they elevate the healing qualities of the treatment.

  • Heat is thought to decrease the firing of muscle spindles thereby reducing tightness and the activity of trigger points.

  • Heat can increase the metabolic rate positively influencing the rate at which we heal.

  • Heat increases the pliability of fascia helping to improve the viscoelasticity of the fascia allowing us to move more freely.

  • Heat and cold both decrease the perception of pain.

  • Heat increases blood circulation.

  • Cold decreases inflammation. 

Massage wax is used instead of oil.


60 min - $100

This therapeutic full body massage will melt away aches and pains while nourishing the skin with the amazing flower essence massage cream, flower essence massage cream contains the essence of WA wild flowers known for their pain relief qualities. This magical massage cream will enhance the healing benefits of your massage & leave your skin feeling silky smooth.


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